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31 Mayıs 2013 Cuma


We, as the Association of Turkish Professional artists, tied to UNESCO/IAA, are terribly sorry and sad about the attacks of the Turkish government police to all the protesters in Taksim Gezi Park in Istanbul. Police is brutalizing the crowds using tear gas, pressure water and heavy sticks without any exception. This is unacceptable. AKP government has also attacked free lifestyles last week by last minute alcohol bans using directly religious motives and insulting the founders of the republic who had instaured all our civilan free laws at the beginning of the Republic. Now they want to destroy the Park with its trees in order to turn it into a shopping mall owned by their friends and relatives. Thanks (!) to all the support of the EU, this government has had free way in changing the constitution previously (12-9-2010) so that now we don t have any independent law system to which we can turn and carry our complaints. The world has to stand up to protest against all this as well as the hundreds of journalists, writers and politicians that have been in prison for 5 years without any concrete accusation! Turkish democracy is in alarm status and we want the world to stand up in solidarity with the turkish freedom fighters! Please spread our voice around the world!


President UPSD 
Turkish Professional Artists Association/UNESCO/IAA

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